ZD zerodefects

ZD zerodefects



 ZD is the outcome of a long search: a search for excellence. Every. 
garment the firm creates is made out of the finest raw materials  
that yield extraordinary fabrics. The pieces created are
 characterized by their natural, soft, comfortable and easy wear.  
The manufacturing process perfectly combines the latest  
technology in the sector with more traditional handcrafted  
techniques in a long and delicate process. The manufacturing  
process culminates in an efficient and strict quality control that
is only possible as an in-house activity. Our firm 100% self-
produces all of its items, with no involvement of third-country
relocations or external manufacturers or workshops, thus
guaranteeing a total control of the manufacturing process and the
highest quality control systems.





ZD fabrics emulate the elasticity of the human skin thanks to the
 components chosen in the manufacturing process. Fabrics are
 Fabrics are coated with a layer of polyamide over elastomer,
 coated with a layer of polyamide over elastomer, resulting in
 increased tensile strength and a more comfortable fit. Both
 components lay between layers of cotton, and thus only the pure
 raw material is worn next to the skin.


ZD fabrics and fibers in touch with the skin are natural and breathable green textiles. 
The treatment made on yarns gives the material an
improved capacity of transpiration, giving the fiber a softer feel. The result
meets the demands of the most sensible skins. The anti-bacterial properties of
the natural raw materials used avoid any discomfort or rush on the skin


The “zero seams” featured in of all the ZD products are achieved thanks to a handcrafted
process which eliminates any sensation of seams on the skin. With the purpose
of providing maximum comfort, ZD seams are as elastic as the fabrics they saw
together and with the same resilience. All seams embed an elastic braid,
helping their restoration capacity. The outcome is a smooth and soft sensation
on the skin that maximizes that cozy feeling of our clothes.

ZD manufactures its products to last and maintain all of its qualities and properties
after repeated washing.  The quality of
the materials employed remains immaculate over time which prevents and
guarantees the clothing from becoming deformed.




ZD staff is formed by highly qualified professionals. The
 manufacturing process follows an 8-stage production line
 characterized by its manual work and strict quality control.

1. Raw materials selection
2. Design and dressmaking
3. Fabric checking
4. Dyeing
5. Manual cut
6. Tailored design
7. Manual seam stretching
8. Final quality control




ZD was born in 1920 as a small family owned business with the purpose of creating man’s perfect underwear.
 The ZD name (“zero defects”) came from its clear purpose of creating the perfect underwear garments.
 The formula for excellence included four major components:
  the best raw materials, a careful artisanal production, strategic R&D,
  and an extremely efficient and rigorous quality control.

Since the stretch Egyptian cotton was discovered in 1975, ZD
 welcomed this new material and expanded its line of fibers and
 products. This expansion strategy was part of ZD’s mission
 statement: obtaining the best quality products in the sector. 90
 years later, ZD has more than 800 points of sale, is a bestseller,
 and is known as one of the best lingerie firms. ZD is honest to its
 principles; ZD sells because high quality has always being a
 strong selling point.

 Welcoming new generations and new ideas, ZD remains
 innovative, creative, dynamic, and on the top. Even today, ZD is
 100% Spanish, in its economic and human capital. ZD is proud
 of its lifelong learning,its highly skilled team that embraces
 perfection, and its long journey towards ongoing improvement.